22 Mills Place
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Edwin Mills by Equator

22 Mills Place in Pasadena has a storied history. Our restaurant is its future.

Directions to The Intersection of Edwin Alley & Mills Place

Directions to our restaurant can be found in our name! We’re at the intersection of Mills Place and Edwin Alley. Although the small roads are historical, they can be difficult to navigate at times. We don’t want you to have to worry about getting here. That’ why we decided to list the different ways to get to our location.

The Nearest Parking Garages–Directions

De Lacey Park&Walk Structure is located on S De Lacey Ave. It’s a short walk down Mc Cormick Alley to Edwin Mills. There’s also public parking at the intersection of Mills Place and W Green St. Lastly, of course, street parking is available on all the adjacent streets.

Nearby Train Stations

There are two train stations in Old Pasadena. Both are about a half mile walk to our restaurant. If you take the Gold Line, get off at Del Mar Station or Memorial Park Station. From Del Mar station, cross S Raymond Ave and walk through the park to Fair Oaks. Take a right on Fair Oaks, then a left on Green Street. Take a right onto Mills Place and our front doors will be on the right. From Memorial Park Station, take a right on Holly Street and a left on Fair Oaks. Then take a right onto Colorado Blvd and a left on Mills Place. Our doors will be on your left.

What to Tell Your Uber or Lyft Driver

Because our front doors are located on a small street in Old Pasadena, sometimes GPS systems have a hard time finding us. The closest intersection you can tell your Uber or Lyft driver is Colorado Blvd and Mills Place. There’s a Bank of America nearby. You can also drive down Mills Place and stop right in front of our doors.

Teddy and the staff work hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life. Whether you are coming in for a much-needed drink after work, a quick bite, a birthday party or a romantic date night, our restaurant is a crafted space designed to enrich any experience. The staff at Edwin Mills doesn’t just want to make you a customer; they want to make you a regular. And with the daily specials and happy hour deals, you can easily afford to be a part of the Edwin Mills family.