Pasadena Food For Any Occasion

Great quality food can be hard to come by at your usual franchise restaurants. Edwin Mills by Equator has been family owned and ran for thirty years. We take pride in serving recipes we’ve created in house. For example, our Potato Wrapped Snapper is a favorite: snapper grilled and wrapped in fried potato shavings on top of mashed sweet potato and drizzled with our sweet chili sauce. We also love our Oodles of Noodles which is our version of a Pad Thai dish–we call it “California style”. Our Shepherd’s Pie is made with lamb, beef and potatoes. These are only some of the popular favorites among our regulars. Check out our Menus Page to find out more about what our restaurant offers. Our menu has a variety of options because we’ve had a very long time to perfect each of these recipes. We are constantly adding new menu items, depending on what is in season and what our Master Chef, Arturo, decides to create.

New American Food in Old Pasadena

What does “New American” mean? Let’s break it down. By “New” we mean modern, unconventional and original, reinventing the traditional by improving upon it. By “American” we mean diverse. Our menu offers some Asian cuisine, Latin cuisine, American classics, and even comfort foods. Our goal is to keep it distinct and fresh while utilizing customary ingredients found in the traditional fare. Our choice of ingredients in both our food and drinks was inspired by the location’s history and the neighborhood of Old Pasadena. Visit our About Us page to get a glimpse into the fascinating history of our building which is over a hundred and fifty years old.

Feedback Where It Counts

If you haven’t been to Edwin Mills by Equator, come and give us a try! We have been around a long time; we know the most important part of a well-run restaurant is making our customers happy. That’s why our reviews all over the web have been positive for years. If a problem ever arises (a rarity, but ultimately we are all human,) we always do our absolute best to make sure you are taken care of while you are at the table. Please communicate with your server or Teddy, the owner, your thoughts regarding your experience. We love fixing our errors! Please check us out on Yelp, Facebook, Google and Foursquare. And if you’ve been to our spot and liked what we have to offer, please review us. We always appreciate the feedback!

Teddy and the staff work hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life. Whether you are coming in for a much-needed drink after work, a quick bite, a birthday party or a romantic date night, our restaurant is a crafted space designed to enrich any experience. The staff at Edwin Mills doesn’t just want to make you a customer; they want to make you a regular. And with the daily specials and happy hour deals, you can easily afford to be a part of the Edwin Mills family.